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About 4PL Services

We are a 4th Party Logistics (4PL) Service Provider (Supply Chain Management Service Provider) that is completely independent and unbiased.

We are not asset-driven, in the sense that we are not reliant on assets such as warehouses or trucks that can impact our core. As a result, we are classified as a 4PL that is self-sufficient.

Thanks to resource consolidation, we choose the best and most efficient freight forwarders, warehouses, and transportation providers to assure product safety, security, and accountability at low rates. Each vendor is evaluated on a regular basis, and we never have a preference for one vendor over another.

Because different market groups have distinct requirements, we search for forwarders who will be able to provide them with the services they require.

We are so loyal to our customers that we do not have instructions from anybody else. We convey requests or ideas from other parties to our customers, and we make decisions together.

Our goal is to move shipments as soon as possible. We feel that the quicker our clients receive their items, the happier their customers will be, and the shorter the turnaround will be, the better for everyone. Any choice to postpone a shipment is solely at the discretion of the client, not ours.

We will operate with complete transparency and visibility. All expenses, including freight, transportation, banking, labor, warehousing, and paperwork, will be paid back to the client, and such proof will be supplied on demand at any time.

We are a Neutral, Unbiased
4th Party Logistics (4PL) Service Provider

Why Us?

We feel that the logistics division of a business has a significant footprint on the fundamentals of expenses, thus contributing largely to the profit making. We are, therefore, emphasizing on streamlining the supply chain process for your business to save at least 10% of Costs.

What We Do?

To achieve top-level excellence throughout the process, we collaborate closely with our client’s senior management, logistics team, and product/marketing team. Material handling, repackaging, data exchange, and cash flow, to name a few, are the services we provide and excel at.

Key Strengths

Our WIN-WIN-WIN approach commits that vendors, clientele, and ourselves all profit equally from every endeavor, no matter how modest. We shall alleviate this to merely WIN-WIN if necessary, and pull out ourselves from the correspondence.

We do not take any undue advantage from any knowledge or opportunities obtained as an outcome of our association. This practice has been followed for more than two and half decades now and has never been violated.

We believe that, with the mission of boosting client integrity, a quick response is essential. We have an entire team dedicated to be consistent with this strength pillar of Map, and have achieved our reputation through such practices.

We deliver reliable and precise information that influences expenses, campaigns, and even methodology on a regular basis.

We collaborate with businesses consistently to create memorable experiences. Think of us more as a partner than a resource. This indicates that we have a similar view on how we might league up to attain your objectives.

4PL Services

What makes us different?

How We Work

Recognize and comprehend current processes and requirements
Establishing current cost models and identifying flaws and where it is possible to make cost savings
Specific supplier operations are discussed
Explaining our involvement to vendors
Recognize the various modes of transportation
Establishing contact points and interfaces with senior management
Ensure that all documentation and financial records are accurate

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